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Middle Market Banks

As a mid-market bank today, you face an expanding risk environment as we emerge from the pandemic and related recession, with increased cyber incidents, accelerating digitization and changes in regulations, to name a few. You need a trusted, highly knowledgeable risk advisor to ensure your firm’s resiliency, anticipate future exposures, optimize your risk management and enhance your decision making regarding the risks of your growing business.

Specialized Solution

CyberCrime Plus (Currently Only Available in the US)

The confluence of the pandemic with the ongoing emergence of fintech challengers has forced the banking industry to rapidly digitize its operating model and customer offerings. The risk profiles of mid-market banks are evolving quickly with escalating exposures around fraud and technology.

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Specialized solutions for diversified mid-market banks contemplating rapidly evolving business and operating models

  • Cyber Solutions and Financial Lines
  • Credit Solutions
  • Climate Solutions
  • Intellectual Property Solutions
  • Human Capital Solutions

Better Decisions for Mid-Market Banks

Aon leads the financial institutions industry in insurance brokerage and risk management advice.
As an Aon FI client, we will provide you with:

Cyber Solutions With Full Spectrum Mitigation

Our Cyber Solutions offering is much more than just insurance. Aon’s front-to-back suite of services include proactive risk and security assessment support, risk quantification and reactive incident response support, all of which feed into enhanced risk-transfer submissions and more robust insurance coverage.

FI Segment and Product Specialists

Aon brokers specialize in the markets in which you perform, whether it be asset management traditional banking, digital assets or mortgage servicing. We understand your business and pursue the very best in coverage terms to match your unique risk exposure.

Innovative Program Design/Market Access

Bespoke broking solutions leverage Aon’s $60 billion in globally placed annual commercial risk premium to support our clients through this challenging market.

FI Risk Consulting

This dedicated group of actuaries and risk practitioners is versed in the regulatory imperatives facing FIs including operational risk, credit risk, model risk and climate risk. This group works seamlessly across solution and product areas to help quantify risk and optimize insurance program structures.

Local Support and Advice

Aon’s national practices and local teams technical rigor provides counsel on managing the risks as your firm expands its business.

Data and Analytics

Beyond robust proprietary benchmarking, Aon provides FIs with a constantly developing suite of cyber, captive optimization, climate modeling, intellectual property risk assessment, human capital and other tools that improve risk financing and strategic decisions.