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Regulatory pressures, profitability challenges, ESG aspirations and geopolitical volatility – combined with the exponential pace of technological innovation – are converging to create a challenging new reality for banks.

Business models are evolving to accommodate more agile work environments and new offerings to meet client and profitability demands. Risk profiles are blurring between classic banking activities and the provision of newer technology-based services. These dynamics, along with a demanding and varied stakeholder base, are adding new complexities to bank operations, while also presenting new opportunities.

Specialized Solutions

By leveraging industry knowledge and experience, specialists develop tailored solutions which address the unique exposures faced by banks. Expertise, bolstered by proprietary analytical tools to measure and better understand emerging risks, enables banking clients to manage risk, drive deeper value into their risk frameworks and thus enable their firm’s to more confidently pursue new opportunities.

Industry-focused solutions can include: