Use Aon Inpoint Claims Services to significantly improve your loss ratio

The claims leakage of an average insurer is typically 8-12% of claims cost, depending on the line of business, and insurers have limited strategies or knowledge on how to reduce leakage to best-in-class (typically 2%-3%). Aon Inpoint’s claims optimization team has experience with more than 60 P&C insurers globally helping them balance loss containment, operational efficiency, and customer service to deliver between 2% to 4% of sustainable loss ratio improvement for customers.

Our Offerings

Aon Inpoint Claims Monitor

The Aon Inpoint ClaimsMonitor is an easy-to-use web- based solution to assess and continuously manage the quality of claims handling relative to best practices.

Aon Inpoint Claims Monitor Analytics

Allows clients to leverage an array of out of the box Static, Multi-Dimensional drill up/down quality analytical capabilities, and Calibration reports to better understand their results.

Aon Inpoint Claims Diagnostic

Aon Inpoint conducts a comprehensive 360 degree claims diagnostic to identify a set of opportunities and recommended initiatives.

Aon Inpoint CLIP: Claims Loss Improvement Platform

CLIP is a comprehensive loss and expense improvement program that drives quantifiable loss ratio improvements in a matter of months.