A claim is an important event when an insurer can significantly impact a customer’s experience with its company. Many insurers struggle to accurately capture the customer’s experience within the claims process and evaluate how the experience compares with that of their peers. We help companies measure their claims customer experience, provide internal workflows for service recovery, and benchmark analytics to measure performance against peer claims organizations.

Real-Time Response for Action and Analysis
Claims organizations impact their customers during the customer’s greatest time of need. The interactions of the claims staff directly influence customer sentiment and retention during challenging situations. Timely feedback of the claims experience is critical to help companies deliver exceptional service and improve performance.

Currently, insurers struggle with:

  • Efficiently collecting customer feedback
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities in the claims process
  • Evaluating how their claims service results compare to others in the industry
  • Promoting successes internally and externally

Through our ExperienceMonitor program, we help claims organizations collect and measure the claims experience of their customers. With direct feeds from your claims system, we automate the survey process for you and collect responses real-time. We help companies identify opportunities through our alerts process and notify the right people to act on service recovery opportunities.

Trusted Methodology
We specialize in the insurance industry and provide a common structure so that each measure is consistent for every company.  Through the use of such industry leading measures as Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®)*, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES), we provide a recognized structure to accurately compare results across insurers. This independent analysis provides credibility in the measurement and reporting of claims experience performance.

Promote the Claims Experience You Deliver
ExperienceMonitor give companies the tools they need to recognize success internally and externally. Positive customer experiences are captured to provide claims and customer experience leaders the information they need to promote individual successes across the entire company. Those organizations achieving high standards in claims experience measures are also able to promote themselves through Ward certified results. Top performers are recognized annually and provide companies the opportunity to promote their achievements to the claims customer experience.