Inpoint UnderwritingMonitor®

Inpoint UnderwritingMonitor® is a proprietary, web-based platform used to assess and analyze the quality of underwriting handling relative to best practices. UnderwritingMonitor® proactively manages opportunities to more accurately underwrite, price risk, and improve overall underwriting quality.

  • Assess and calibrate underwriting handling against best practices
  • Use Analytics for actionable visibility into performance
  • Continuously drive Actions to remediate ongoing policy issues
  • Create individual underwriter Accountability through objective quality measures

Inpoint UnderwritingMonitor® provides the following features to allow insurers to improve claims quality:

  • Improve Loss and Expense Ratio — drive measurable reduction in underwriting improvement opportunity and increase competitive advantages within the industry
  • Enhance Underwriting Quality — enhance your underwriting quality by systematically evaluating technical processes and underwriting trends, and calibrating your staff to best policies and guidelines.
  • Improve Performance — continuously improve account pricing and underwriting performance by identifying and driving best practice behavioral accountability.
  • Automate Quality Management — increase efficiency by streamlining the quality improvement process through automated sampling, workflow and flexible reporting