Aon Inpoint Claims Operational Assessment Services

Powered by Inpoint ClaimsMonitor®

Over the course of 6 - 10 weeks, depending on project scope, Inpoint conducts a comprehensive 360 degree claims assessment to identify a set of opportunities and recommended initiatives that can potentially deliver between 2% to 4% of sustainable loss ratio improvement for the client

Claims Operational Assessment Approach

Mobilize Team
Confirm Objectives
Initiate Data Request
Analyze Data
Configure ClaimsMonitor
Develop Workplan

Calibrate Reviewers
Conduct File Reviews
Validate Results
Analyze Opportunity
Obtain Qualitative Insights
Quantify Findings

Analyze Claims Ops Data
Conduct Interviews/Focus
Assess Claims Capabilities
Identify and Validate Gaps

Synthesize Findings
Identify/Prioritize Initiatives
Develop Recommendations
Create Roadmap and Business