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Law Firm Management Advisory

Key Insights Q1 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Q1 Law Firm Management Advisory. While the topics covered in this edition vary widely, a common theme emerges: your people. Whether it’s protecting the health of your workforce through a well-constructed health plan or addressing and navigating through mental health and personal challenges of employees and partners, people management is key to a firm’s success and stability.

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As the practice of law and client needs evolve, law firms must tackle complex management and leadership challenges. Law firm leaders must think strategically to plan for the future, grow revenue, and protect the firm from risk - while, at the same time, empowering their lawyers and staff to excel in their practices.

Planning for the future requires dedication to building new leaders from within the partner ranks to address succession. Growing revenue requires critical review of financial planning and budgetary controls and harnessing the power of the firm’s economic data to optimize efficiency, pricing, and revenue streams. For an increasing number of firms, growth planning includes exploring opportunities to pair with other firms to expand practice offerings or geographic footprint to better meet client needs. And, as always, ongoing attention and improvement to management structures, partner compensation systems, and lateral hiring practices continue to be critical to a law firm’s success.

We assist clients with these management challenges and those that lie ahead.

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Strategic Planning

Guiding firms and practice groups in determining their future direction; analyzing law firms’ competitive environments; planning retreats; and, assessing alternative plans for growth and expansion.