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Health and Benefits for Small Business Referral Program

Health and Benefits Referral Program

Introducing Honeybee Benefits:
Honeybee offers digital benefits with unparalleled flexibility and personalized options. With customizable benefits plans for experienced Canadian businesses with as low as 5 employees and standardized packages for small businesses, new to employee benefits with less than 25 employees. Honeybee has a plan that works for everyone.
Honeybee is powered by GreenShield Administration, an innovative leader at the forefront of health and benefits management and a division of GreenShield, a not-for-profit health and benefits company.
To learn more about Honeybee Benefits https://www.honeybeebenefits.com/


Plans offered:

Honeybee Select
Simplified employee benefits for ‘virgin’ businesses with <25 employees. 3 plan designs and a quote in less than 24 hours…guaranteed!

Comprehensive and fully customizable digital benefits solutions for Canadian businesses 5 to 150 lives with group benefits experience

Honeybee Health Care Spending Account
A customizable Health Savings Account (HSA) that covers expenses such as vision, acupuncture, massage therapy, and more.

Honeybee Allowance Account
Employee-customizable coverage to cover everything from wellness, pet care, fitness, and more.

Honeybee Administrative Services Only (ASO)
Coverage against catastrophic employee claims. They pay for claims up to a reasonable deductible to keep their premiums low (think low-cost, high frequency-type claims), and they assume risk only up to that deductible amount.


About GreenShield

GreenShield is a not-for-profit health and benefits company, and the only organization in Canada operating as an integrated payer-provider. We are the only partner able to offer an end-to-end suite of integrated health and benefits technology and services, tailored to customers of all sizes.
Our small and medium-sized clientele across Canada leverage our capabilities through our third-party administration services brand Honeybee.


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