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Referral Program

Referral Program

It's easy - refer your clients to earn commission as long as they stay with Aon. Recruit new team members and expand your network with products from the world's leading insurance broker.

Why partner with Aon?

  • Build and enhance relationships with Aon's referral programs
  • Use Aon to reassess your personal insurance, as well as your clients, to ensure you have the right coverage at competitive rates
  • Recruit new team members and expand your network using products form the world's leading insurance broker
  • Help your clients save money that can then be re-deployed into core WFG products (e.g. life insurance, critical illness, and RESP's)
  • Earn referral fees as long as your clients stay with Aon*
  • Take comfort in knowing that Aon will never cross sell any life/savings products to WFG clients

*Referral fees are available in certain jurisdictions only. Contact Aon for more information.

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