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2020 Aon Consulting Industry Webinar

COVID-19 Ethics & Compliance: Pressure, Perspective & Practical Approaches

The rise of the stakeholder, corporate responsibility and reputational value, have created a trend pulling non-financial risks squarely into the corporate consciousness. COVID-19 has put a spotlight on this trend, with the terminology of community impact, human rights, supply chain, conflicts of interest and corruption becoming common vernacular in pandemic reporting across the globe.

In this time of crisis management, with stretched supply chains, business uncertainties, closures and remote work, integrity standards are not furloughed; rather, they are at their most critical. The COVID-19 response is a case study in the value of empowered and dynamic ethics & compliance teams to both protect stakeholders and grow businesses.

While business models, markets and risks profiles continue to change around us, returning to basic principles of pressure and perspective can offer practical approaches for ethics and compliance to be indispensable guides, problem solvers and value-add partners in effectively and securely navigating a new risk environment.

Presenter: Audrey Harris, Esq., Partner, Mayer Brown
Host: John Dorf, Managing Director, Aon

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