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International Accounting Standards

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We are proud of our leadership position in Switzerland in the field of international accounting standards (IAS 19, US GAAP ASC 715, IPSAS 39), which are naturally part of our services to corporate customers. Our expertise and the quality of our services in this sphere are recognised and respected by both our clients and their auditors.

Our teams of specialists are based in both the German- and French-speaking regions of Switzerland. Their knowledge and expertise comes from years of experience, ongoing training, cutting-edge tools and processes, and regular exchanges with our international network. We offer you a lot of flexibility and attach great importance to delivering our services within the required timeframes without compromising precision or quality.

Our clients include multinational corporations, SMI listed companies, SMEs and public corporations, and for each of them we provide services tailored to their needs and specific requirements. You will find more information about our services in the attached document. To learn more about how we can help you, please phone or email one of our contacts who can answer your questions and put you in touch with our specialists.