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Aon’s BVG/LPP app

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Complete guide to occupational benefits in Switzerland.

Aon’s new free app is a comprehensive reference guide to the Swiss occupational benefits system, aimed at industry professionals and anyone with an interest in the subject. It provides latest news, information on current topics and notifications about new research while keeping you up to date with a feed of relevant media articles plus useful information from the industry and the world of politics. The app also offers useful data such as the latest relevant legislation, a full range of key figures on the occupational benefits industry, directives from the Occupational Pension Supervisory Commission, trade-body guidelines and accounting procedures – along the same lines as Aon’s popular Handbook of Occupational Benefits. In addition, you can access links to FSIO press releases and court decisions in connection with occupational benefits in Switzerland in list form and consult the app’s calendar of key industry events. The app is available in German and French.

Download the app for free today from the App Store and Google Play.