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Investment Consulting

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Aon is one of the leading global consultants for independent investment consulting. In Switzerland, our clients are pension funds, companies, insurers and foundations. Our experienced international team of over 650 investment experts covers all relevant investment topics. Local investment consultants in Zurich and Neuchâtel advise clients in the following fields:

Asset & Liability Studies

Our stochastic asset and liability studies are distinguished by their special depth of research and balanced approach on both the assets and the liabilities side. These studies focus on establishing risk capacity and on funded status, membership structure and cash-flow projections. They provide pension boards with the necessary decision-making basis for crucial decisions such as the choice of investment strategy or changes in funding and benefits plans. Read more...

Investment strategy controlling

We recommend controlling investment strategy once a year. In the controlling review, we apply proprietary models to produce updated risk and return assumptions for your investment strategy. Moreover, in the portfolio context, the qualitative and quantitative properties of the sub-investment categories are reviewed and recommendations are made to the investment committee or pension board.

Manager Selection

Aon helps institutional investors identify the best asset managers and investment products. Our database of more than 11,000 investment products enables us to identify managers with outperformance potential. Read more...

Selection of global custodians

Our team of experts conducts a root and branch review of global custodians. In addition to their organisation and strategic orientation, operational implementation processes and reporting quality are reviewed.

Research and white papers

Our academically sound forecasting methods enable us to produce in-depth expert reports on specific investment issues; these are published as white papers and in the specialist press. Read more...

Pension fund governance and investment guidelines

In terms of pension fund governance, we apply the best practices worldwide and work collaboratively with our clients to develop asset management organisations geared to the future. We support our clients in preparing contemporary investment and organisation guidelines satisfying all legal requirements.

Detailed IFR Report

We calculate Pension Funds' Investment Fluctuation Reserves (IFR) based on a sound econometric method using current risk/return assumptions. As opposed to the „mean value method“ our process also allows for fat tail risks to be taken into account. The results of our analyses show values for various confidence intervals and asset allocations (e.g. strategic vs. tactic). Our recommendations support the governing body in determining the final IFR.

Representation on investment committees

As a competent sparring partner, we sit on important investment committees and support PF bodies effectively on investment issues.

Training for board members and other target groups

We offer training for pension board members in the form of client-specific workshops at the appropriate level, contributing in the process to the professionalisation of investment and PF bodies.