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Cyber risks
Cyber risks   Deutsch | Français | English | Italiano

Steep growth in data volume, widespread interconnectedness and the "Internet of Things"


- all of these factors contribute to intensify cyber risks. Hacker attacks and other forms of cybercrime cause millions of dollars in damage to businesses every year. Cyber insurance is a flexible way to protect your business against such damage.

It is common ground that cyber risks are an inevitable challenge for risk managers in nearly every business today. As an independent insurance broker with our own cyber risk department, we offer you customised insurance solutions. Policies can be individually structured to include, amongst other things:
  • third-party liability
  • business interruption loss
  • cost of restoring systems and recovering data following a hacker attack
  • crisis management costs (e.g. IT forensic experts, lawyers, PR consultants)
    and additional costs (e.g. notification costs)
  • access to competent crisis management professionals


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