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Aon Benfield Analytics is the industry leader in actuarial analytics, enterprise risk management (ERM), catastrophe management and rating consulting. Our recognised ability to innovate and our position as one of the world's leading providers of analytics, modelling and customer information technology will be of valuable assistance in maximising your portfolio. Our proprietory solutions include Prime/Re, ReMetrica, CatPortal and ExposureView. Moreover, our Impact Forecasting team develops solutions and models to help you better anticipate the financial implications for your company of natural or man-made catastrophes around the world.

Actuarial Analytics / Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Aon Benfield's actuarial analytics and ERM division conducts in-depth actuarial research for your organisation, providing answers to the most challenging questions about risk tolerance, risk appetite and product risk. This division also offers ERM services and solvency consulting.

Catastrophe management

Effective catastrophe management requires a comprehensive and continuous approach to catastrophe risk assessment, risk transfer and risk mitigation measures. We have developed a wide range of analytical tools, proprietary models and reporting systems to help you manage the risks associated with natural or man-made catastrophes.

Our CatPortal™ and ExposureView solutions enable you to visualise and quantify in your portfolio in real time the potential impact of a specific catastrophe before, during and after the event. We provide secure access to your catastrophe risk data, loss estimation models and cost structures for various reinsurance scenarios. Our portfolio optimisation experts use innovative analytical tools and methodologies to help you achieve an ideal balance between risk and return.

Impact forecasting

Our experts, including seismologists and meteorologists, analyze the financial implications of natural and man-made catastrophes around the world. We develop new software solutions and actuarial models on an ongoing basis to help your company better apprehend the risks associated with hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks in non-life, casualty and crop re-/insurance.

ReMetrica ® and Prime/Re™

ReMetrica and Prime/Re - our innovative software solutions for dynamic financial analysis and capital models - are used today by many of the world's leading insurance and reinsurance companies and actuarial consultancies. Our software is developed and maintained by a team of experts comprising actuaries, mathematicians and software developers. Applying stochastic and scenario functions, we can evaluate the entire spectrum of risk financing: at business unit, business line, individual company or consolidated level. An extensive assembly of prepared components, in combination with our comprehensive research results in the area of insurance risk parameterization, enable us to generate transparent risk models for all conceivable business scenarios in the shortest possible time.

Rating consulting

The dynamics of your business and the criteria applied by rating agencies are continuously evolving and you need to keep abreast of all aspects liable to affect your rating. Aon Benfield's rating consulting department has extensive experience with the analytical methods of major rating agencies such as A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch. Based on this experience, we can help you understand the key factors - financial, operational or strategic - impacting your rating in terms of solvency and financial stability.