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Directors' and Officers' Liabilitiy Insurance (D&O)

Directors' and Officers' Liabilitiy Insurance (D&O)

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A wrong decision can in the worst case ruin a top manager financially.

It may be impossible to avoid possibly significant financial losses. Liability claims will be asserted by third parties (under Swiss or even foreign law), and even by the company itself. The losses may jeopardise a director’s very existence, since board members are basically liable for the losses with their personal assets. Our D&O insurance solutions protect your board members, CEO and other senior executives who are liable as corporate bodies, against the consequences of legal disputes.

Individual cover for your top executives

Our D&O liability insurance protects your governing bodies and senior executives against personal liability claims and financial losses arising from breaches of duty in the performance of their mandates. By identifying the specific risks to which your company, directors and senior executives are exposed, we support you in developing and implementing a suitable insurance concept for your liable directors and officers – worldwide. The concept includes risk-reduction recommendations, decision-making support in determining the best possible D&O liability insurance, as well as practical claims handling advice.

Supplemental cover for outgoing directors and officer

Once a top manager leaves the company, s/he loses all influence over the terms and conditions of insurance and the quality of the D&O coverage. Parts of the insurance cover may be cancelled or the insured sums may be reduced. Nor is it certain that the validity of the policy will continue beyond the originally agreed term – or that the insured sum has not meanwhile been exhausted by claims. For a top manager, this can mean that s/he is no longer, or not sufficiently, covered in the event of a claim.
Aon is actively committed to ensuring that managers leaving a company benefit from the broadest possible coverage.

Aon – competence setting market standards

Aon has specialised in developing D&O insurance and advisory services for clients at above-average market conditions for over 20 years. In recent years, we have been involved in numerous significant market placements. Moreover, our experts have direct access to a global network wherever D&O insurance is in demand.

Talk to us. We shall be pleased to advise you on the many risk-coverage options offered by D&O insurance.