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Crime insurance

Crime insurance

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Danger may come not only from the outside, your company may face threats from the inside. Employees who are unaware of, or deliberately misuse, their positions of trust are a frequently underestimated risk. White-collar crime statistics speak for themselves. Damage running into the millions are not uncommon in the corporate world. The reputation, solvency and creditworthiness of your company are at stake.

Benefit from our experience

The number of cases involving highly intelligent, creative, yet dishonest employees has mushroomed in recent years. Intelligent perpetrators demand intelligent solutions. Our crime insurance policies are designed precisely for this purpose, and can be customised to fit the specific needs of your company. There are many reasons to consider a risk transfer:

  • Growing corporate dependence on highly specialised professionals.
  • Increasing complexity of business processes.
  • Declining respect for private property, and eroding loyalty towards the employer
  • The amounts embezzled are increasingly large and often liable to jeopardise a company's existence.
  • Controls generally come too late, and serve to detect rather than prevent.
  • Not all risks are identified.
  • Losses in connection with internal or external computer misuse (phishing, pharming) are ever more frequent and difficult to prevent.

Management and directors can protect themselves and their companies against the consequences – thanks to crime-insurance.

Crime insurance:
  • protects against financial losses caused by deliberate, unlawful actions of a company's employees
  • safeguards a company against damage by hackers and third-party fraud
  • serves as a confidence-building measure vis-à-vis shareholders and lenders

Crime insurance helps companies be prepared against:

  • theft, embezzlement, fraud and disloyalty by their own employees
  • computer fraud and hacking into IT systems – including by outsiders
  • financial losses caused by third parties, such as "fake president" scams and the diversion of payment flows

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