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New risk financing decisions must be taken continuously against the backdrop of an undertaking's market environment, risk capacity and current risk situation. We support you in developing a risk financing strategy tailored to the needs of your company: we make the necessary tools available to adapt and implement your risk-financing strategy to the changes in your business and its environment.

Nexus between risk financing and risk management

To develop a financing strategy for entrepreneurial risk, a company must first identify and analyse the relevant risks. And to determine a suitable risk financing solution, the company's risk-bearing capacity and financing possibilities on the insurance and capital markets must flow into the decision-making.

The available risk financing solutions are basically:

  • insurance
  • own risk-bearing
  • self-insurance solutions (captive insurance), and
  • other alternative risk transfer solutions

Analysis, advanced development & implementation of risk financing strategy

Our consulting covers the full range of risk financing and is geared to the CFO, the head of the insurance department, the manager of the in-house broker, and the head of risk management.

We analyse your financing options, develop a risk financing strategy, and support you in its implementation.

We do not regard risk financing merely as a cost element to be optimised. On the contrary, we believe the strategy should also generate value for your core business. Accordingly, we closely examine your business model and propose company-specific solutions which dovetail with your company's value drivers.

Our consulting approach, based on collaborative work with our clients, comprises both conceptual and operational support in the development, advanced development and implementation of existing strategies, processes, organisation, key data and documentation.

Typical consulting projects:

  • checking risk-bearing capacity
  • defining risk financing strategies
  • reviewing insurance programme structure
  • analysing compliance of international insurance programmes
  • developing appropriate key indicators for insurance management
  • developing insurance management concepts
  • integrating insurance management concepts into the risk management system
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis of alternative risk financing strategies

Alternative risk financing strategies and captive solutions

As part of the risk financing strategy, we offer specific consultancy solutions in the field of alternative risk transfer. This includes securitisation of insurance risks when conventional insurance capacities are insufficient, as well as consulting on captive-specific issues:

  • captive feasibility check and consulting
  • implementation of primary and reinsurance captives
  • review and development of insurance captives and captive strategies
  • development of appropriate structural and procedural organisation for captives taking into account regulatory requirements, e.g. under Solvency II
  • settlement and resettlement of insurance captives

Our consulting team consists of actuaries with many years of extensive experience. Would you like to learn more about the services of our Risk Finance Team? Contact your client advisor.