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Chemicals, Pharma and Life Science

Chemicals, Pharma and Life Science

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Significant research and development costs, production risks and a rapidly evolving environment, particularly in the legislative field, are some of the many factors driving the complex financial and operational challenges which face the chemical and pharmaceutical industry today.

What can Aon do for you?

Aon develops risk management, insurance, reinsurance and other solutions and services to help clients achieve their financial and operational goals. Aon's understanding of the industry, combined with the experience of its professionals and thorough understanding of global insurance markets, enables Aon to tailor a variety of risk transfer and other solutions to the specific needs of its clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industry.

Whether you run a global business or a start-up, your growth depends on understanding and overcoming the underlying risks – such as industry consolidation, globalisation, continuously evolving legislation, patent and rights protection, product defects, supply chain management and business continuity – with which you are confronted on a daily basis.

Aon's expert team can help you in the following specialty areas:

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) – from risk identification to risk transfer (comprehensive risk analysis)
  • Supply chain risk analyses
  • Risk financing - determining own risk-bearing capacity and risk-transfer requirements
  • Local or international insurance solutions
  • Clinical trials
  • Environmental liability
  • Compliant and efficient insurance management in all lines and specialties
  • Captives studies and captives management
  • Benchmarking (premiums and cover) with comparable companies
  • Due diligence and risk/insurance analyses for M&A transactions
  • Modelling natural hazards

Talk to us about your specific concerns. We offer personal and comprehensive consulting.

As an international broker, we can tap the extensive know-how and experience of Aon's Chem/Pharma Practice Group, fed by its global client portfolio, to offer you a broad range of solutions and options