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Aon Line


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AonLine provides you a comprehensive overview of all your insurance policies managed by Aon. At a click, you can see which policies which of your companies have and in which countries, or what your total cost of risk is per country or business unit. AonLine is also useful if you are establishing a foreign branch, for example, and need clear, up-to-date information on country-specific insurance-related topics such as mandatory insurance and insurance tax. In addition, the Document Centre offers you a central location to make important documents or data available to other users within your company.

The advantages of AonLine in a nutshell:

  • GAMS: GAMS (Global Account Management System) provides you access at any time and from anywhere to your global insurance programs managed by Aon. This enables you, for example, to view insurance policies online in a uniform format, to search for specific policies, or to export policy information to MS Excel for further processing.
  • Global Insurance Guide: the Global Insurance Guide is a valuable database where you can find answers to questions about all aspects related to international insurance. The Global Insurance Guide is your go-to source for comprehensive and up-to-date information on insurance-related topics for over 160 countries.
  • Document Centre: the Document Centre is the ideal solution for making important documents and information such as visit reports, manuals or claims statistics available to other users for viewing or editing. Use the Drag & Drop function to store documents in the Document Centre and decide who can access this information.
  • Political Risk Map: the Political Risk Map shows which risks you can expect in the relevant countries in terms of currency risk, political uncertainty, legal and regulatory risks and credit default, among others.