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Digital Assets - Crypto and DLT Business sector

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Perceived on one hand as the most volatile asset class and on the other as one of the promising futures of the digital "environment", digital assets (cryptos) and its related blockchain (DLT) technology are getting more and more embedded in the traditional finance industry.

Digital assets / Crypto activities (DA-Cr) are usually perceived as a high-risk exposure industry including:

  • Regulator uncertainty,
  • Theft of corporate or customer assets,
  • High volatility,

Considering this environment, insurers show limited appetite towards DA-CR related companies - mainly due to the novelty of the risk and the lack of loss history. In these circumstances, finding appropriate risk transfer solutions can be challenging.

We do believe that every tangible risk can be insured (transferred to the market) and that finding insurance solutions relies mainly on understanding risk exposure and explaining it to the insurance market.

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