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Credit Insurance
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A credit insurance policy offers goods vendors and service providers the option of insuring a substantial portion of the risk of customer default or prolonged payment delay. This makes credit insurance an important risk management instrument.


What is insured?
The insurance covers defaults occuring during the term of the insurance policy as a consequence of an insured customer's inability to pay at home and abroad, whether for commercil reasons (e.g. the insolvency of a debtor or a delay in payment resulting from economic conditions) or for political reasons (e.g. restrictions on payment transactions, war or civil war).

Additional benefits of credit insurance
As well as the insurance cover itself, credit insurance includes additional services, such as credit reviews and monitoring and, upon request, the handling of the dept collection and dunning process.

Customised solution
A credit insurance must be adjusted to your needs. It is available in various forms, such as individual risk covers, international and emergency management programmes or the use of an in-house captive. Aon can provide all the help you need in every aspect of structuring your own optimum insurance programme.



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