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A rocky road. Transport insurance
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Regulatory changes and/or complex contracts, new liability clauses, and inernational supply chains involving even smaller transporters are among the factors contributing to the growing spectrum of possible risks, presenting the logistics industry with major challenges.

Swiss road and rail network statistics show that, in 2017, the total transport volume was 27.29 billion tonne-kilometres (one tonne-kilometre corresponds to the transport of one tonne over one kilometre). Moreover, Switzerland is now one of the major hubs for transit between north and south Europe. As a result, the number of foreign transporters at customs points and on Swiss roads has greatly increased.

The danger is not only on the roads - increasing the risk of accidents, for example; the risks in connection with order flows and processes must also be carefully monitored. Digitised processes involve increased exposure to cyber risks in the form of data loss, hacking, and other forms of cybercrime. These can bring digitised logistic processes to a quick standstill.

We are aware of the key role that transport and logistics companies play in the economic chain, and also of the need for protection against these risks. Thanks to our global network and local presence, we have direct access to national and international insurance markets and can offer you tailor-made insurance solutions.

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