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Environmental risks

Environmental risks

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Companies are being held increasingly accountable for damage they cause to the environment. The problem: national legislation regulating liability for environmental damage differs from one country to the next, and environmental risk coverage in the existing business liability policies is of limited scope. In the event of a loss, the cost of cleaning up property or production sites in the country or abroad are often inadequately, or not at all, covered.

An independent, international environmental liability insurance programme combines environmental liability and pollution damage insurance, and provides coordinated coverage against environmental risks which are coming increasingly under the public spotlight.

A separate environmental insurance programme enables companies to maintain their existing insurance, while supplementing it with specific environmental coverage.

The advantages of such a solution are:

  • Uniform insurance cover for all locations worldwide
  • All relevant environmental standards are insured worldwide
  • Insurance cover is provided even if approved business operations are not disrupted
  • Clean-up and remedial costs including own damage and groundwater pollution are included.
  • Individually negotiated insured sums and deductibles
  • An insurance programme with local policies for main foreign locations prescribed on compliance grounds for all your company's insurable environmental risks
  • Minimise potential sources of error such as gaps in coverage and double insurance
  • Reduced administration load compared with locally contracted insurances
  • Optional business interruption cover


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