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Supply chain risk management

Supply chain risk management

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The corporate value chain has never been more vulnerable owing to a multitude of factors including changes in production methods (just-in-time), globalisation, technologisation, climate change, economic factors (volatility of demand and costs) etc. There are many circumstances capable of causing substantial and lasting damage to a company's value chain: supply bottlenecks, defective raw materials and semi-finished products, interruptions in the transport of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and machinery as a result of flight cancellations, closure of ports and other points of entry, production stoppages (machine failure, fire, system breakdowns, etc.), failure of critical infrastructure (electricity, Internet, etc.), political risks, etc.

To estimate the potential damage, a complete understanding of the process chains, their dependencies and the (financial) effects of interruptions is vital. This is the basis for determining loss mitigation measures in the context of risk management, and for contracting the appropriate insurance. We support you in collecting the relevant data, mapping key production processes, assessing risks and evaluating the key financial implications.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Transparency and visualisation of the value chain, including weak points, potential interactions and CBI (contingent business interruption) effects. 
  • Preliminary analysis of business interruption risks, independently of insurance issues 
  • Basis for determining risk management measures.