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Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap & Ransom

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There has been a sharp increase in kidnappings and extortion cases worldwide. The targets are often business people, Swiss citizens living abroad or the employees of international organisations.

As an employer, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of your travelling staff. A Kidnap & Ransom policy will protect your company against the financial damages (the insurance covers the ransom payment), as well as giving you access to services worldwide from special response, crisis management and security consultants. This minimises the risk of falling victim to kidnapping and extortion.
The dangerous areas shift continuously in line with rapidly evolving geopolitical and economic factors, but some countries are considered more particularly vulnerable to K&R: Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, the Philippines (Mindanao), Venezuela, Syria, Niger, Libya, Algeria & Mali.
Insured events are kidnapping, extortion, deprivation of liberty and hijacking. The insurers assume the following costs:
• ransom payments / extortion monies
• consultancy fees
• costs for informers, interest on loans, travelling costs
• business interruption costs
• costs associated with threats etc.
and much more. And, especially, unlimited costs for the specialist response consultant.

Aon – competence that sets market standards

Aon has over 15 years’ specialised experience in developing K&R insurance and advisory services for clients at better-than-average market conditions.
Talk to us. We shall be pleased to advise you on the many risk-coverage options offered by K&R insurance.