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Insurance solutions

Insurance solutions

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Insurances contribute significantly to the value of a company by securing its financial independence and enabling it to operate in a long-term perspective. Companies operate in an environment with constantly evolving risks (and opportunities). To explore the scope for entrepreneurial action, a company must know its risks, consciously determine how to deal with them, check the consequences and continuously monitor their impact. Insuring property and material assets against substantial risk of damage, destruction or loss is essential to a company's survival. Many companies therefore contract insurance simply to protect their balance sheet.

Well-founded critical analyses by experts are the basis

An insurance programme can only be successfully implemented if the risks to which the company is exposed are precisely known. That is why our specialists (e.g. in the property, liability and transport lines) identify, analyse and evaluate those risks in advance to ensure that insurance cover is properly coordinated. We measure the expediency of your insurance solutions against internal and external benchmarking data from Aon's worldwide organisation, focusing on programme structure, insurance conditions, premiums and risk-bearing.

Effective solutions at attractive terms and conditions

As the world's leading risk consultant and insurance broker, we offer you individual solutions at the best possible terms and conditions. Our privileged access to world markets also enables us to meet challenges that others have to decline. We have a proven track record of enhancing efficiency; we help you reduce costs and improve coverage through economies of scale, creative risk transfer concepts and by repositioning your insurance solutions. Thanks to our comprehensive in-depth risk analysis, you pay only for the coverage you actually need.

A uniform global network

In contrast to the loosely interconnected networks of independent partners, Aon Global Client Network (AGCN) offers clients worldwide uniform high-quality service through 500 offices in 120 countries. Each of these offices has dedicated specialist teams serving international companies and their global insurance programmes. These units work, communicate and report worldwide on the basis of defined standards and specifications. The cooperation network has existed since the mid-1990s and is now well-practised.

We have thus laid the foundation enabling our clients to access the know-how of our foreign associates promptly and in line with their needs, and guaranteeing the highest quality of service, worldwide.