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Delegated Consulting

Companies providing pension arrangements are facing increased challenges from a number of perspectives. The current low interest rate environment combined with ever growing investment complexity and the emergence of new regulations is adding pressure on many pension plans and employers today. With limited time available to management, it can be difficult to address these combinations of challenges. At Aon, we work in partnership with companies to overcome these and help achieve their long-term goals of their pension obligations.

What is Delegated Consulting?

Delegated Consulting also known as Fiduciary Management or investment outsourcing is an approach designed to help firms meet their pension promises. It aims to target better outcomes through improved governance and enhanced decision-making by delegating the day-to-day management of investment portfolios to a third-party provider. This enables management to use their time to concentrate on strategic decision making and oversight.

Why Delegated Consulting?

To meet the long-term objectives of their pension obligations, it’s important for companies to manage assets in relation to liabilities, have appropriate risk management strategies in place and be able to take advantage of market opportunities efficiently. Delegated Consulting services are increasingly recognized as an effective governance and investment framework that allows firms to generate performance and protect against downside investment risk.

Aon’s Delegated Consulting Services

Aon’s Delegated Consulting Services are designed to help employers deliver their pension promises to their employees. Our highly-qualified teams of specialists have the local expertise & experience to provide holistic delegated solutions that is truly bespoke to a firm’s needs. Our service is available to clients of all sizes and can include responsibility for strategic asset allocation, manager and fund selection, portfolio management, dynamic risk management and ongoing implementation.

Aon has been delivering delegated consulting services to pension schemes globally since 2009 and manage around CHF65bn* for over 350 clients. Within EMEA, we manage around CHF13bn* for over 100 clients across a number of countries.

To find out how we could help you achieve your goals, contact Philippe Luethy on +41 58 266 88 08 or at [email protected].

*Data as at 30 sept 2016

Aon Hewitt’s delegated consulting services are provided by Hewitt Risk Management Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.


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