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Individual insurance concepts

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No matter if you want to insure an entire Picasso exhibition in a museum, a Claude Monet painting hanging above your chimney, or a valuable tiara from the period of the old Monarchy: each work of art and each piece of jewelry is unique and therefore has to be protected adequately. Conventional insurances do not meet these exclusive needs. By means of thorough risk analysis, independent appraisals and objective comparison of different products, the experts at Aon fine arts design insurance concepts that suit the exclusive needs of the client best.

Individual art catalogue

The experienced art historians at Aon fine arts also develop catalogues in conjunction with art collections, which offer two distinct advantages: it facilitates the insurance process in the case of damage or loss, and it can increase the value of an art collection significantly.

Professional appraisals

The value of an item determines the proper sum insured. Our experienced art historians work closely together with independent appraisers in order to determine the value of the item in question objectively.

Settling the claim

A painting damaged by water, a broken vase, or the loss of a sapphire ring – valuable objects are irreversibly damaged or lost every day. Aon fine arts is committed to assisting the client as much as possible during the claims process. For this purpose, Aon fine arts provides a 24/7 service to its clients.

The moment a claim is made, our staff reacts immediately. We offer not only independent claim settlement but also fast and smooth handling with the insurance company. Depending on the client’s wishes, all measures necessary to restore lost or repair damaged items can also be taken immediately. Thus, Aon fine arts also guarantees individually tailored solutions in case of damage or loss.

Independent advice

Sometimes only a few security measures suffice in order to prevent possible damage or loss. Aon fine arts works closely with independent security companies. In the case that one of our clients needs consulting, our experts can review existing security measures and provide advice as to how to protect the most valuable of objects even more effectively.

Assistance in recovering a stolen item

In the case of art theft, Aon fine arts supports its clients in recovering the stolen item. Our experts forward all available information on the item as well as photos to the Art Loss Register, an international database for stolen objects of art. In special cases, Aon fine arts also hires experienced international specialists in the field of art theft.

Advice on purchase or sale

With its international network in the field of arts, Aon fine arts can also assist its clients in purchasing or selling objects of art.

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