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Our approach to designing the perfect employee benefits package is based on one simple fact: there’s no company – and no workforce – that’s quite like yours.

Before your Aon consultant can design you a healthcare and risk benefits package — one that’s legally compliant, tax and cost efficient, and delivers value for your people and your company — they need to get to know you.

The first step is evaluating what you’ve already got. Perhaps a legacy private medical insurance is eating a growing chunk out of your shrinking budget. Or maybe it’s a group income protection scheme you chose when there were only 50 of you, but doesn’t work so well for 500.

If that — or something like it – sounds familiar, you’re in good company. Every day, our team of experienced experts help organisations find an approach that meets the goals closest to their hearts.

Graphic highlighting that 40% of firms believe their benefits meet the needs of all generations in their workforce. While 90% believe they’ll need to change their benefits to meet the needs of future generations- which Aons’ employee benefits consultants can help with.

Source: Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

Completely tailored to you

Our clients’ requirements are rarely the same, because no two businesses are. We offer everything from off-the-shelf to fully bespoke solutions; we’re led by what you need – even if it’s not the obvious.

We can talk about your goals, conduct strategic gap analysis to see what’s missing, and use our healthcare and risk consultancy expertise to help you get the perfect policy for your business.

Naturally, that can involve broking a great deal (which is good news for us), but that’s just one part of the job. Chances are you’ll also need to analyse your risk profile and help people engage. Setting up each policy so it runs smoothly is critical too.

Source: Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

Your dedicated team of experts

Your benefits consultant will be experienced and knowledgeable, with access to the latest research and analytics tools (there’s a reason why our team are so often asked to comment on important new issues ). And, importantly, they’ll be focused entirely on you.

That’s because they can call upon market and data specialists and communications professionals all around the world, to make sure your employee benefits deliver every ounce of value – for your people, and for your organisation.

These experts dedicate their time to finding you the best policies, innovations and ideas, wherever they happen to be – leaving your consultant free to concentrate on you, and your goals.

Let’s talk!

To arrange an initial chat with your employee benefits expert, send us an email at [email protected], or call on 0344 573 0033.




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