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We’ll work so hard to ensure your employee benefit policies run smoothly that you’ll never even notice. (Which is exactly as it should be.)

The secret to great policy management is that the hard work all happens behind the scenes. As the policyholder, you shouldn’t have to think about it.

If that means our work goes unappreciated, that’s fine with us. Every day, we hear from new employee benefits clients who really did notice the policy management elsewhere. Nobody likes surprise bills, unpaid claims, and complaints to the HR team.

For us, getting you a competitive policy is just the beginning of the job . Think of us as an extra member of your team — we work hard every day to make sure your policy ticks along nicely.

Graphic highlighting that 9% of companies offer individual non-advice sessions for retirees and 19% of companies offer access to independant financial advice to employees.

Source: Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

Make your policy their priority

Not only do we have an experienced policy management team here at Aon Employee Benefits, we also have our own, dedicated teams at every major insurer too. They work on Aon accounts all day, every day (it’s a perk of being one of the biggest insurance brokers around).

So, if you have a question about your policy, or you need us to raise an issue for you, we can guarantee they’ll listen carefully.

And if you want to get hands on...

You can absolutely trust us to do the routine work, and do it well – but there’ll still be times when you want to know exactly what’s going on with your policies (for example, if you need to report to the board). We make that easy, too.

All your employee benefit policies are managed through a single online portal, and our instant reporting function puts all the right metrics at your fingertips. In fact, you can control who has access to the portal, and which parts, so you can share it with as many people as you need to, and they can see your good work for themselves.

We’d be delighted to give you a quick guided tour. Get in touch at [email protected] or call 0343 573 0033.




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