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These days, a great GPP scheme needs to react quickly to changing legislation, be easy and inexpensive to manage, and help members make smart, informed decisions, before and after retirement. We couldn't find all that - so we created it.

Once, the pensions market moved fairly slowly. Pension schemes weren't set up to deal with big changes, or give members too many options about how they'd use their funds. And at the time, that was largely OK.

But times change - and pensions need to change too.

Today, the pensions landscape is constantly evolving - with new legislation, possibilities, and challenges all the time. Pension schemes need to do more to ensure members don't fall behind - and have the information and engagement to make smart decisions.

That's why we created Bigblue Touch: a group personal pension scheme that uses the latest technology - and a bit of common sense - to put you, and your members, back in control.

Smart decisions - before and after retirement

Bigblue Touch includes an award-winning online platform, which puts information and insights literally at your members' fingertips. Importantly, they can see their pension pot in context - alongside their other finances, savings and accounts - and the easy-to-use modelling shows them the real-world impact of their choices.

The system makes saving easy; there's an integrated ISA option, so employees can invest in a range of funds, straight from their screen. It's ideal for employees who want to save more, or who are limited in the amount they're allowed to pay into a pension - and if you like, you can pay their contributions direct from payroll.

And now that many members are deciding not to buy an annuity, it's important your pension scheme is set up to give them efficient options for cash and drawdown - and explains those choices clearly. Employees can continue to use their Bigblue Touch system to manage their pension through retirement, helping members to keep on making informed decisions.

And it makes your management and reporting duties a piece of cake.

No member left behind

But technology isn't the only way we're taking new approaches to help your members. Bigblue Touch lets members delegate key decisions to our investment experts - so we can react quickly on your behalf when the picture changes.

In older pension schemes, it may be hard to get members' permission for each change you need to make - as a result, some members may get left behind every time there's a change, stuck in outdated funds.

But because Bigblue Touch is flexible, we can keep on reacting and innovating on your members' behalf. It's not just a pension scheme for today - it's ready for the future.

Let's talk about a pension scheme that was designed for the challenges you face today, and tomorrow. Email us on [email protected], or call 0344 573 0033.




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