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If the thought of re-enrolment fills you with dread, you're not alone. For a lot of organisations, auto-enrolment has been a big, expensive headache - with little benefit to show for it.

Often, companies switching their auto-enrolment pension arrangements to Aon tell us two things; so far,

  1. auto-enrolment has been more trouble than it should've, and
  2. their employees don't value it enough, given the cost and effort it takes to run

That's why - as well as matching the pension fund to your staff - we spend a lot of time making our auto-enrolment pensions a breeze to run. Our aim is to help you recruit and retain good people, and give them confidence for the future.

The right fund, for real people

There's no such thing as a best default pension fund.  Generally, the most you can do is provide a fund that is appropriate for the majority of your people - and that'll depend on their age, location, career paths, attitude to risk… all sorts of things.

And the fact is, most of your colleagues will stick with your default fund - so it's essential to get it right, both for their security, and your risk management.

So as part of the service, we'll take the time to really understand your people, your industry and your aims… then give you clear, sensible advice

Going beyond statutory communications

One reason so many people under-appreciate their auto-enrolment pension is that employers stick to the statutory communications, rather than using them as a baseline, minimum requirement.

But auto-enrolment has increased, not decreased the need for good, proactive engagement. It can be tempting to feel "my pension is sorted", and stop paying so much attention - which means we need to work harder, from first enrolment all the way to retirement.

(That's the kind of thing you come to understand when you have more than 200 experienced communications professionals, working for customers.)

Quicker, easier management

For a lot of firms, re-enrolment is approaching. If that fills you with dread, your auto-enrolment management platform probably isn't as user-friendly as it should be.

We offer solutions which can manage your assessments for you, making sure you're fully compliant and to make the whole process quick and easy (yes, really; just ask our customers).

If you'd like a quick demo, drop us a line on [email protected], or call the team on 0344 573 0033.





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