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Near unanimous consensus from employers on the need to increase engagement and understanding in employee benefits

The vast majority of employers say they want to increase engagement with current employee benefits offering, with over half who either have one already in place or who are intending to implement one soon.

Aon’s latest annual 2021 Benefits & Trends Survey revealed that 98 per cent of employers want to increase employee understanding and engagement with their benefits and/or health and financial wellbeing benefits engagement. 64 per cent either have or are planning to introduce an engagement strategy (35 per cent are planning one and 29 per cent already have one).

In the report, Sarah Robson, senior strategic consultant at Aon said there was a year on year increase in the number of companies recognising the importance of employee engagement. This past year in particular, with the future of the workplace looking uncertain along with the increased focus on wellbeing, has raised the profile of benefits communication.

With record numbers of employees working from home, many of whom who are likely to do so for a long time to come, employee communications have an important role to play in improving understanding and engagement levels around benefits. Employee benefits are also an important recruitment and retention tool.


“This year we have seen a big drive in the number of employers looking to implement an engagement strategy which is great news as this can be linked back to a clear set of objectives and provide markers for continuous improvement”
- Sarah Robson, Strategic Consultant


This year’s survey also asked respondents about their key focus on benefits engagement for the next twelve months. 66 per cent of respondents said they were focusing on providing more regular communications throughout the year, 58 per cent were intending to focus on improving their messaging and 48 per cent were planning to utilise more technology channels. An additional 37 per cent said they were going to focus on ensuring D&I within their benefits packages.

32 per cent said they wanted to focus more on listening to employee feedback.


“Understanding how employees really think and feel, along with access to new technology channels and a strategy will allow increased employee engagement and the best employee experience.”
- Sarah Robson, Strategic Consultant



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