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Aon to discuss gamification in pensions at Employee Benefits Connect


LONDON (2 March, 2016) – Aon Employee Benefits, the UK health and benefits business of Aon plc (NYSE: AON), will discuss gamification as part of its examination of how to engage ‘Generation Z’ (Gen Z) in the workplace at Employee Benefits Connect.

Gen Z, or post-millennials as they are sometimes known, refers to those born in the late 1990s who are due to enter the workforce within the next few years. Gen Z are the first generation to have no pre-internet knowledge. In order to engage these technophiles, Aon advocates using ‘gamification’ - where organisations encourage behaviour changes, teach new skills, or solve problems by creating a game or encouraging game-like behaviour to drive engagement and learning with the subject matter.

Jon Bryant, Director, Online and Communications at Aon Employee Benefits, said:

“Generally it is not helpful to stereotype workforce generations, however, we predict that going forward, interactive technology will be crucial in improving engagement in finance and pension issues in the workplace. Research undertaken by Aon in September 2015 on employee reward for multi- generation workforces found a distinct difference in communication preferences across the generations – technology solutions like gamification could prove successful in engaging Gen Z in their financial options.”

The roundtable discussion will cover the following questions:

  • The role of gamification in a multi-generational communication strategy
  • How do we use gamification within employee benefits today?
  • What can we learn from other industries?
  • Where has gamification been successful and where are the issues with the technology?
  • Is it just for Gen Z?

Employee Benefits Connect 2016 is taking place on 9 March at the Lancaster Hotel, London. For more information, or to register to attend, visit: www.employeebenefitsconnect.co.uk.

Jon Bryant will host the roundtable How important will gamification be in fully engaging generation Z? at 11:45 – 12.20 on 9 March.

To download the Employee reward and benefits for multi-generation workforces whitepaper click here.

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