United Kingdom

New whitepaper highlights workplace mental health

May 2017


A new whitepaper investigating the correlation between employee health and financial wellbeing has been published by Aon which discusses the growing prevalence of mental health in the workplace.

The launch coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week which this year asks why so few people are thriving with good mental health.

Aon's whitepaper, Wellbeing: The correlation between employee health and financial wellbeing, looks at the overall burden of mental health and asks if employers are doing enough to support staff suffering with mental health conditions.

Mental health is an increasing concern for employers, Aon's whitepaper reports, and calls on employers to do more to develop impactful financial, mental and physical wellbeing programmes to support staff.

According to the Mental Health Foundation and their Fundamental Facts About Mental Health (2015), mental health problems account for 28 per cent of the total burden of disease across the UK, compared to 16 per cent for cancer and heart disease.

More recently, Aon's own EMEA survey reported that concerns around mental and stress were the top issue among the 500+ companies surveyed across 19 countries.

Despite this, the majority of UK employees are reluctant to discuss their mental health concerns at work, a ComRes study of 1,104 British employees conducted for Radio 5 Live has found, with 49 per cent saying they wouldn't tell their employer if they suffered with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. Just 35 per cent said they'd be happy discussing their problems with colleagues.

Mark Witte, principal at Aon Employee Benefits said: "The call for employers to do more to focus on the emotional wellbeing of their employees is not a new theme. There have been plenty of campaigns and stark headlines in recent years that have prompted many employers to take a hard look at how they want to address this issue."

"However, over the past 12 months it feels like we have reached a tipping point on the issue. Whether it has been royal patronage, public figures from the world or entertainment and sport speaking candidly about their experiences or, most topically, party leaders queuing up to promise increased investment in mental health services, this is an issue that should now be firmly at the very top of every employers' agenda."

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 8-14 May 2017.



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