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Wellbeing Strategy in place? Why taking part in Britain’s Healthiest Workplace helps you make an impact for employer and employee

Employers with a wellbeing strategy already in place may be wondering why taking part in the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey is a positive process.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace supplements your strategy helping you to understand if your wellbeing provision is relevant for your workforce demographic, whether it’s focused on the right areas, is targeting key risk factors – and is working.

Unless there are tools in place which measure, analyse and aggregate key health insight, it will be extremely difficult to judge how effective your strategy is.

For those who have a wellbeing strategy, here’s why it matters:

Provides comprehensive, longitudinal data

How can you truly understand the health needs of your workforce and ensure your workplace strategy is on the right track unless you can get meaningful data from across the workforce?

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace does just this – and more. It looks at the full health picture of every employee rather than relying on one or two datasets. Drawing on PMI (Private Medical Insurance) or EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) data alone will only do so much, particularly if those only provide information from some of the workforce.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace draws on employee data from across the organisation, identifying key health trends and data insight.

And as a longitudinal study which has been running since 2013, it provides employers with strong data sets to understand situations that may or may not repeat. This has been particularly important since COVID-19, for example, are certain health trends new issues which have been identified or were these issues prevalent prior to the pandemic?

Tests effectiveness of existing wellbeing strategies

The Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey takes a holistic 360-degree approach to health and wellbeing. It puts 125 questions to employees and employers about every aspect of employee health from lifestyle, workplace health interventions to workplace culture as well as asking specific questions about existing wellbeing strategies and employee awareness of benefits provision

Identifies any gaps or risks

Due to its comprehensive nature, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace can help to identify any gaps in existing wellbeing strategies or flag up developing risks. For example, a strategy may be tightly focused on mental health and survey insight may demonstrate the effectiveness of this, demonstrated by a decrease in the numbers of staff with mental health related disorders, but it may also reveal that staff do not feel supported by their line manager or reveal potential issues with workplace culture.

Improves existing wellbeing strategies

Aon knows from conversations with employers that Britain’s Healthiest Workplace helps to drive improvement in wellbeing strategies. It does this by measuring the workplace environment and employee health and identifying areas for improvement as well as providing actionable insight. At the same time, the aggregated data provided by the survey helps build a strong business case for continuing wellbeing investment. HR can use survey data to demonstrate the positive impact their wellbeing strategies have had on their workforce and the business as a whole.

It does the hard work, taking pressure off HR teams

Data analytics is a growing area in HR, and teams have had to become a lot more comfortable with data handling and analysis over the last few years. Even so, dealing with a huge amount of data can be extremely daunting, particularly if data is being pulled from different sources and formats making it difficult to streamline and use to build insight. Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey does everything for you – automatically cross-correlating data from 125 questions across the entire workforce and identifying key insights, trends and patterns. The result? Clear outcomes based on employee data, benchmarking and business intelligence.


Aon is the official consulting partner of Vitality's Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, the UK’s largest workplace wellbeing survey. Britain’s Healthiest Workplace hosted by Vitality has been running since 2013. Over 520 organisations and 185,000 employees have taken part, providing comprehensive, longitudinal insight for employers to benchmark their own strategies against.



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