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The workplace wellbeing approach needs to evolve. The key is about understanding what can be done to improve wellbeing, change behaviour and prevent disease.

95% of Employers
30% of 18-65 year olds

Source: Aon 2019 Whitepaper ‘Prevention is better than cure’

Prevention is better than cure

Our whitepaper ‘Prevention is better than cure’ explores how data-driven intervention and technology are revolutionising employee wellbeing. The paper focusses on four key areas:

  1. Prevention measures
  2. The role of the employer
  3. Meeting employee needs
  4. Using mHealth to engage and promote better wellbeing

A change for good

Employers are well placed to have a positive impact on wellbeing, but unfortunately many workplace wellbeing initiatives are poorly targeted and do not quite hit the mark, even though the underlying intent is good.

In depth analysis of different health related data sets can underpin an employer’s wellbeing approach empowering them to target key risk areas and make a sustainable impact on the health of their workforce.

If we accept that effective workplace health and wellbeing is a shared responsibility between employers and employees, then there is a real opportunity to do things differently.

Utilising technology to fortify a healthy lifestyle

95% of Employers

Source: Aon 2019 Whitepaper ‘Prevention is better than cure’

Technology related to health will continue to develop at a rapid pace, employers need to ensure that their workplace wellbeing approach is fit enough to keep up.

At Aon, we have developed an app-based solution - ‘Well One’, that helps employees measure and manage not just their physical, emotional and social health but also their financial wellbeing in an easy and fun way, whilst providing employers with data driven insight to help identify and tackle key risk areas.


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