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Strengthening Employee Emotional Fitness

19 May 2020

Anticipating the needs of employees in response to COVID-19

Everyday we are all doing the best we can to remain strong in the face of what life throws our way. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic will likely magnify many of the problems that already exist. Now, perhaps more than ever, employers must play a critical role in promoting and supporting the emotional fitness of their employees.

To help support employers with this pressing challenge, our employer guide Strengthening Employee Emotional Fitness covers the ways employers can strengthen the emotional fitness of their employees to ensure they remain strong in the face of new challenges they may encounter in the coming months and help build personal resilience.

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Covering practical guidance about how to support employees;

- Meeting Essential Needs
- Securing a Sense of Belonging
- Cultivating a Sense of Purpose
- Finding Opportunities to Flourish
- A Word on Grief

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What is Emotional Fitness?

At Aon we describe Emotional Fitness as the capacity to build emotional strength, endurance, and flexibility through meeting essential needs, securing a sense of belonging, cultivating a sense of purpose, and finding opportunities to flourish.

It is not characterised by the absence of a mental health disorder, in fact, a person can be dealing with a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression and still have the capacity to be emotionally fit. It is about being resilient, positive and focused. Just like physical fitness, emotional fitness is one of the best defences against emotional fatigue, illness and injury.

Supporting your employees’ emotional fitness will help them to build emotional strength, endurance and flexibility, allowing them to persevere during these ever-changing and uncertain times.

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