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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicles Insurance

However you like to enjoy the outdoors we have you covered!

We offer coverages for:

  • Motorhomes (Class A, B or C)
  • Towed Trailers (Tent, Campers, Toy Haulers or Fifth Wheel)
  • Stationary Trailer

Coverages that Protect You:

  • Liability Coverages – Provides protection for you if you are in an accident and held liable for injury or death of other people/property.
  • Comprehensive – Covers theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, explosions, and impact with animal.
  • Collision - Coverages the cost to repair and Replacement of Motorhome

Optional Coverage also available:

  • Water Protection – Coverages for losses due to Sewer Backup or Overland Water
  • Earthquake – Coverages against loss for earthquake
  • US Exposures – Coverages for Travel in US for up to 180 days
  • Rental Network Sharing – Allows for renting on Outdoorsy

Let us make it easier

If you have questions or aren't sure about the solutions available to you, we can help. You can call a personal insurance broker today who will provide you with the answers to your concerns, at 1.800.448.2539.