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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicles Insurance

However you like to enjoy the outdoors we have you covered!

We offer coverages for:

  • Motorhomes (Class A, B or C)
  • Towed Trailers (Tent, Campers, Toy Haulers or Fifth Wheel)
  • Stationary Trailer
  • Seasonal Trailer Insurance
  • Seasonal RV Insurance
  • Travel Trailer Insurance

Coverages that Protect You:

  • Liability Coverages – Provides protection for you if you are in an accident and held liable for injury or death of other people/property.
  • Comprehensive – Covers theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, explosions, and impact with animal.
  • Collision - Coverages the cost to repair and Replacement of Motorhome

Optional Coverage also available:

  • Water Protection – Coverages for losses due to Sewer Backup or Overland Water
  • Earthquake – Coverages against loss for earthquake
  • US Exposures – Coverages for Travel in US for up to 180 days
  • Rental Network Sharing – Allows for renting on platforms such as RVezy and Outdoorsy

Let us make it easier

If you have questions or aren't sure about the solutions available to you, we can help. You can call a personal insurance broker today who will provide you with the answers to your concerns, at 1.800.448.2539.