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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance

Getting you on your way with the right auto insurance coverage.

Whether you're an everyday commuter, an occasional driver or use your car for business purposes, an Aon personal insurance broker will find you the right auto insurance coverage that fits your lifestyle. By partnering with many of Canada’s largest insurers, we provide our customers with options and value most others can’t offer. We do our best to make sure that lifestyle requirements, budget requirements and provincial requirements are always met.


It doesn’t end at cars. If you’re looking to insure a collector’s piece, antique, motorcycle or recreational, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive product offering will make sure that all of your assets will be well protected so you can concentrate on cruising the road ways.

Additional discounts

Getting you the best value doesn’t stop at choice. There are many ways you can save with additional discounts available through Aon that include:

Multi-vehicle Multi-policy Anti-theft device
Short commute Age (mature driver) Loyalty/stability
Hybrid vehicle Claims Free Monitored Tracking

and more...

Optional benefits

For further peace of mind, additional coverages may be added that will save you time and money in the long run.

  • Driving record guarantee: your premium won’t go up after your first at-fault loss.
  • Disappearing deductible: for each year you don’t have a claim, your deductible is reduced by 20%. After five years, it just disappears.
  • Loss of use coverage: stay on the road with a rental car if your car is stolen or damaged.
  • Accident benefits coverage: compensation for you and your passengers in the event of disability or death from an accident.
  • Monitored driving discounts - minimum 10% savings for entering the program
  • Earn AIR MILES® reward miles with select insurers

Insurance requirements vary by province, and there many options available for automobile owners when shopping for car insurance. Understanding these options will help you make informed decisions but remember, your Aon broker is always here to help. That’s what we’re here for - even if you end up buying your auto insurance elsewhere.

Liability insurance is mandatory insurance coverage that protects from damage that might be done by a driver while operating a vehicle including injury, death and property damage. It also includes coverage to protect drivers against financial losses they might suffer due to their own medical expenses, and the loss of income that they could incur if injured in an automobile accident while driving.

Collision coverage provides financial compensation for vehicle damages that happen because of a collision or accident with another vehicle or a stationery object. Often the most expensive components of an insurance policy, it varies depending on the vehicle, driver, and other factors.

Comprehensive coverage protects drivers against loss from events that aren’t directly related to the operation of the vehicle. These can include vandalism, theft, flying objects/debris or environmental conditions including flood and hail.

Let us make it easier

If you have questions or aren’t sure about the solutions available to you, we can help. You can get an online quote or talk to a personal insurance broker who will provide you with the answers to your concerns.