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Claims Advocacy & Resolution

We help professional service firm clients manage and resolve litigation against them.

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Our team assists with planning and preparing for anticipated litigation, working with firms to identify suitable counsel to represent them based on the jurisdiction and the nature of the litigation, formulating litigation plans and budgets, assessing possible litigation strategies, identifying possible expert witnesses, and developing strategies for favorably settling cases short of trial. This often involves working cooperatively with the client's insurers or its insurers' monitoring counsel and, when necessary, advocating the clients' position to its insurers. Our goal is never to supplant a client's key decision-makers, but to assist and support them in carrying out their responsibilities.

Although it is extraordinarily rare, our firms occasionally encounter coverage issues with their insurers. In those instances, we serve as advocates for our clients in persuading insurers to adopt coverage favorable positions. Our deep and longstanding relationships with insurers allow us to exert influence in and over the claims negotiation and resolution process.