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Law Firms

Aon is the world’s largest broker to professional services firms. Aon Canada’s team of specialists is a member of Aon’s global Professional Services Group.

Our Canadian law firm clients range from the largest national and international firms to superior mid-size and boutique firms. We bring global resources and a uniquely Canadian experience to design insurance programs tailor-made for our clients. Understanding the Canadian environment and the scope and limitations of the mandatory law society and other standard insurance policies allows us to design insurance products which meet the particular risk exposures facing Canadian law firms.

  • National and international law firms: Aon designs insurance solutions adapted to meet the particular risk exposures of firms operating in multi-jurisdictions across Canada and internationally, providing broad scope of coverage at the most competitive terms.
  • Regional firms: Aon provides all-in-one office packages to address the business risks law firms are faced with as well as access to our professional liability insurance programs, which offer competitive terms in excess of the mandatory law society policies.
  • Law societies: Aon offers customized and innovative insurance and reinsurance programs to law societies and other insurance buying groups. Our capabilities include program modelling to determine most effective use of reinsurance; program design that fits with the specific needs and goals of the buying group; access to specialist professions insurance and reinsurance markets around the world; and all aspects of insurance program administration.

Insurance solutions

Our Canadian team of experts brings the full weight of Aon’s expertise and market leverage to bear for the benefit of our Canadian law firm clients. We develop a wide range of insurance solutions specifically tailored to the law firm risk profile. These include:


  • Professional liability: Insurance essential to the firm’s survival. Policies can include the practice of foreign law, non-legal and consulting services all within one program.
  • Management liability: No business enterprise these days goes without Directors & Officers liability insurance. Similarly, many law firms now see firm management liability as an essential part of their risk management program. Aon arranges specialized policies to cover management liability, employment practices and outside directors liability.
  • Office exposures: Aon’s law firm office package policy includes coverage for damage to owned property, business interruption, extra expense, tenants’ risks, liability to third parties and employee dishonesty risks in one-stop shopping.
  • Cyber risks: Aon’s custom-made cyber risk policies address the major risks firms are exposed to arising from failure of computer security and breach of privacy, while taking into account the coverage that may be available under professional liability policies.
  • Employee benefits: For law firms that have difficulty accessing competitive and flexible benefits and pension coverage for their employees, Aon’s health and benefits consultants provide access to programs and expertise which offer lower costs and enhanced and adaptable plans to employees. These can lead to greater employee satisfaction and assist in employee retention.
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