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Loss Prevention

The process of identifying and avoiding or minimizing liability and professional responsibility risks is critical to law firms. Even where allegations against a firm are found to be groundless, or the amount involved is relatively insubstantial, a firm’s or lawyer’s reputation may be compromised, or a client relationship jeopardized.

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Aon is the only broker with dedicated loss prevention specialists for law firms. Our team of experts include former partners in large law firms with years of experience in loss prevention, legal ethics, and professional liability law. Our loss prevention efforts are carefully tailored to our clients’ needs and interests, and provided exclusively to our clients at no cost.

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Telephone Consultation

If a client has a question or concern relating to a potential conflict of interest, professional responsibility issue of any type, professional liability problem, partnership or shareholder dispute or issue, or any other risk management matter, a representative of the firm may call our team to discuss the situation in confidence.