Global Accounts


Risk Management for Multinational Companies

Within the Department "Global Accounts", we recognise that risk management for multinational companies is extremely important. Multinational companies have risk profiles that are considerably more complex than those faced by businesses which only operate domestically. The issues that arise from conducting business across geographic, cultural and legal lines create additional pressures that companies must face.

Some examples of Aon's specialty resources:


Global Accounts may give the preference to working with Aon as their consultant and partner who can advise them using all of Aon's global know-how and resources. Together, the client and Aon negotiate with underwriters. Before that, the strategy regarding risk management and risk financing is extensively discussed and formulated. Aon becomes one with the Global Account in the ultimate form of partnership.

The "Global Accounts" department coordinates the tailor-made delivery of these resources from the entire Aon network in a timely fashion. Multinational clients work with a Strategic Account Manager who integrates the respective resources from the worldwide Aon network. The Strategic Account Manager has the task of developing a deep understanding of the client in order to deliver all of Aon's global capabilities.

Aon clients benefit from a range and depth of resources not readily available anywhere else from one single source. We bring together the best of Aon to give our Global Accounts the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.