2024 Client Trends Report

Client Trends

2024 Client Trends Report

Better Decisions in Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce

Better Informed: Navigating Four Megatrends

The 2024 Client Trends Report: Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce is a comprehensive paper — the first in an annual series — addressing four megatrends impacting global business.

Drawing on insights from subject matter experts across Aon’s Risk Capital and Human Capital business, the report provides an in-depth look at the outlook, trends and opportunities inherent in these evolving megatrends.

Explore actionable insights and solutions to help clients make better decisions as they navigate the volatility and complexities of the coming years.

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From global supply chain risks to climate insecurity, organizations face challenges and complexities on a scale rarely seen before.

Eric Andersen
Eric Andersen
President, Aon

Better Decisions: Navigating Increasing Volatility

Four Megatrends Shaping the Risk Landscape

The road ahead will be filled with both challenges and opportunities, as organizations face a multitude of complexities in the areas of trade, technology, weather and workforce. These timely megatrends require new workforce strategies and a holistic approach to risk management.

By proactively harnessing the power of data, embracing new technologies and remaining ahead of growing risks — from the global supply chain and changing climate, to the current cyber landscape and retention of critical talent — organizations can navigate uncertainty, make better decisions, and transform challenges into opportunities. With the right tools and capabilities in place, business leaders can be confident in their decisions and ultimately open new doors in an increasingly interconnected world.

Client Trends