Honeymoon Travel Advice

Honeymoon Travel Advice


Jul 13, 2017 | by Aon


Today’s brides and grooms are spending three times more on the average honeymoon (or in some cases, honeymoons) than a U.S. adult typically spends on vacation. It’s no surprise that expectations are high, and a far cry from the simple resort weekend earlier generations were more likely to take following their nuptials. Whether a dream European tour, high adventure escapades in Asia or an eco-tourism escape in Australia, today’s honeymooners have a lot on the line and need to plan accordingly.

“Because we are seeing newlyweds investing more time, money and energy into planning their perfect honeymoon and building more complex and luxurious travel experiences, there’s also a greater need to add security and safety plans to their to-do list,” said Beth Godlin, president, Aon Affinity Travel Practice. “In fact, the number of couples who have visited more than one destination on their honeymoon has increased from 35 percent to 70 percent in the last five years. Honeymooners are just more mobile and active today, and their travel protection plans need to match.”

While the wedding may absorb a great deal of time and effort, it can be easy to put off honeymoon prep. Instead, think of the honeymoon as part of the overall wedding experience, and incorporate it into the longer-term planning process.

Here are six tips for couples to consider:

  1. Name Game – Before rushing to update every piece of identification to your new married name, hit the brakes on your identification. Your name on your boarding pass must match what is on your passport or driver’s license. You may need to leave the “Mrs.” until after you return.
  2. Be Inconspicuous – While the twinkle in your eye may give away your newlywed status, think twice about labeling your luggage or carry-ons with a “Mr. and Mrs.” tag that can make you a target for theft on the road.
  3. Copy That – Create photocopies of your passport, license, healthcare card and credit cards you’re bringing on your trip. Zip up one set in a plastic bag to tuck into your carry-on, and save one at home just in case the originals are lost or stolen.
  4. Cash In – Plan to have some of your destination’s currency with you before you depart, so you have some money handy when you first land. Also inform your major credit card companies of your travel plans, so their fraud detection services don’t lock you out while you’re away.
  5. Just the Two of Us – Because honeymoons include both you and your new spouse, a travel protection plan is a wise investment in case severe weather, health issues or other snafus interrupt your plans. A little-known fact is that a lot of travel insurance policies include medical evacuation not only for the injured traveler, but often also for his or her traveling companion.
  6. Beyond the Big Day – In the event of forced cancellation or postponement of the wedding itself, event cancellation insurance, like that offered by WedSafe, can protect not only costs related to the wedding, but also travel arrangements and accommodations for the honeymoon, loss of deposits for honeymoon travel arrangements if a vendor ceases operations.

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