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Benefit communication and engagement objective and assessment

In 2018 FIS aimed to improve their financial wellbeing offering to employees. Aon began by mapping out how they could to build up the awareness and education for their current financial wellbeing programme, rather than adding new benefits. The first step was to run an in-depth engagement workshop. This focused on strategy and included an audit of their existing communications and the creation of a new financial education internal brand. By understanding where FIS currently were and what they wanted to achieve, we were able to gain a deeper insight into the best way to engage their employees.

How Aon helped in 2018

The first step was to collate all the information on financial education for employees to easily refer to, which was displayed in a digital, interactive guide. This financial education guide was hosted online and included tips on how to manage your spending and looking after your wellbeing as well as what information and advice is available online. By using attitudinal segmentation and creating four different personas, employees were able to get a better understanding of the benefits and services that were most useful to them, based on their individual circumstances and where they sit on their financial journey. Information on all the FIS benefits were also featured with details of how to access them.

To further promote the guide, an awareness campaign was launched under the new financial education branding. This consisted of a line manager pack, which encouraged those with teams to spread the word and excitement of the programme. Printed posters were also displayed in communal areas to get employees thinking about their financial wellbeing and encouraging them to read the financial education guide. Email heading banners and intranet banners were also created to further support the new branding with any ad hoc communications.

Following the launch, a survey was sent to all employees. There was a clear demand from employees wanting to know more and becoming more engaged with the benefits. Comments in the survey included ‘the current benefits are great and diversified so something for everyone. It’s important to remind staff.’ ‘Send quarterly reminders’. ‘More interactive sessions’. It was agreed that a phased approach to rolling out this content would be best. We could then learn from what works, review the data and adapt the communications accordingly.

How Aon maintained momentum through 2019

In 2019, we continued to work with FIS in evolving and developing a wider wellbeing brand and campaigns that encompassed all the elements of wellbeing. The idea was to compliment the financial education programme already in place. Wellbeing banners were created across the 4 pillars, including: Financial, Physical, Social and Emotional. They were used on emails to update the business on wellbeing issues.

To introduce a new way to reach employees, webinars were organised along with a digital animated video. The aim was to share top tips on managing your finances and planning for the future, including things such as: long and short term saving goals, managing debt, budgeting, salary sacrifice, financial protection, personal taxes and FIS benefit provisions. These sessions were interactive allowing employees to ask questions too.

To encourage employees to attend, an email was sent to line managers to gain their support again by stressing the importance of financial wellbeing to their employees. A webinar guide was shared with them with the aim to give employees an understanding of what they would learn at the webinar and why it was important for them to join. Instructions on how to attend the webinar and how to prepare for it was also clearly mapped out.

What are our plans for 2020?

An important step is to review the activities already carried out and to revisit the strategic plan to see how the objectives have changed. Feedback on the webinars was encouraging and we aim to set up further sessions for employees to continue their financial learning at FIS.

"At FIS, our aim is to provide our employees with benefits that saves them money, help manage their finances as well as giving extra peace of mind and security for both them and their families. We currently offer a wide range of benefits and this can be overwhelming for employees to choose between and decide upon. We worked with Aon to build awareness of the benefit offerings we provide at FIS to empower employees financially to make such decisions no matter what stage of life they are at. The financial education programme was well received with employees and the start of an evolving journey we are looking to continue" – Vivian Maher, Benefits Director, EMEA & APAC at FIS.

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