Procedure for handling complaints Aon Norway AS


When these procedures apply

These procedures for handling complaints apply when someone issues a statement of dissatisfaction to Aon relating to the company’s insurance broking activities.

How to submit a complaint

A person that is dissatisfied with the insurance broking services of Aon may complain to its contact person at Aon or without cost submit a written complaint to the company. The complaint may be sent by post or e-mail, and should be addressed to:

Post address: Aon Norway AS, att: Complaints Officer, P. O. Box 1503 Vika, 0117 Oslo, Norway
Email address:

What information to include in a complaint

In order for the complaints handling process to be as efficient as possible a complaint should include the following information:

  1. Name of complainant and if relevant contact person, and contact information
  2. The reason for the dissatisfaction, preferably with as much details as possible that might be relevant in reviewing the case
  3. The name(s) of the Aon employee(s) involved in the case
  4. Relevant supporting documentation

Handling of the complaint

Once the complaint has been received by Aon, the complainant will receive a confirmation of receipt with an estimated handling timeline. The complaint will be handled as efficiently as possible and as a main rule replied to within four weeks of receipt. If it is not possible to reply to the complaint within four weeks, Aon shall inform the complainant hereof and the reason for the delay.

Appointed Complaints Officer in Aon is the Senior Legal Counsel. The Complaints Officer shall gather relevant information that enlighten the case, investigate that case in a thorough and broad manner, identify any conflicts of interest and strive to reach a fair decision. If the final decision does not fully satisfy the complainant’s demand, the complainant will receive a written explanation of Aon’s position on the matter.

Option to maintain the complaint with a Complaints Board

If the complaint does not succeed, the complainant has the option to apply to the Complaints Board for Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Business (in Norwegian: Klagenemnda for forsikrings- og gjenforsikringsmeglingsvirksomhet). Complaints to the Complaints Board may be sent by post or e-mail and be addressed to:

Post address: Klagenemnda for forsikrings- og gjenforsikringsmeglingsvirksomhet, Sekretariat v/ Finanstilsynet, P. O. Box 1187 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo
Email address:

Register of complaints

Aon will maintain a secure electronic register of complaints in order for the company to follow up and analyse how its business may be improved. The register will contain information about the date of receipt of a complaint, the name of the complainant, the reason for the complaint, the final decision, a summary of the explanation of Aon’s position and the date of completion of the complaints procedure. The registered information is stored in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will be deleted when no longer needed.

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