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The more we know, the better we can help you obtain the best business outcomes from your employee benefits. So every day, you’ll find Aon analysts elbows-deep in data, refining our understanding of what works, how, and why.

In particular, we collate and interpret the results of employee benefits surveys and research findings gleaned from thousands of organisations around the world. It gives us a deep well of information to draw from – and we’d like to share it with you.

You’ll find our latest employee benefits reports, whitepapers, research results, and literature, covering everything from auto-enrolment to expatriate benefits, on this knowledge hub.

Our experts love to talk through their findings, and hear perspectives from leaders working in the sector. So if you have a view on one of our white papers or reports – or if you’d simply like some clarification – please do email us at letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk or call 0344 573 0033.


How to increase Benefits Engagement Guide
How to increase Benefits Engagement Guide January 2020


If you want to engage more effectively, you need to explore different ways to get your employees interested. In this guide, we’ll share ten tips for getting – and keeping – your employees connected with your benefits programme, so both your workforce and your company get the full value from your offering.

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UK Aon Benefits & Trends Survey 2020
UK Aon Benefits & Trends Survey 2020 January 2020


Since 2010, we’ve produced our Benefits and Trends survey – providing expert insights into the world of employee benefits.

Download now for:

  • The latest insights on employee benefits, with over 200 participants
  • Discussion on emerging trends, such as financial wellbeing
  • Predictions for future trends – supported by real-world data
  • Expert analysis of the key findings, from our own consultant team
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Demographics Diversity and Inclusions
Demographics Diversity and Inclusions December 2019


Workforce diversity can have many benefits; increased creativity, innovation, improved business performance, and brand perception - to name a few.


  • What workplace diversity means today
  • Real-life examples of how companies are tackling inclusion
  • How to communicate effectively to a diverse audience
  • The key medical conditions which your healthcare policy may overlook
  • How benefit choices vary across different demographics
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Financial Wellbeing: 7 Secrets to Success
Financial Wellbeing: 7 Secrets to Success October 2019


Every day, we hear from clients how challenging it can be to create a financial wellbeing strategy which makes a difference to both employees and the business. It can be difficult to know where to start – which is why we’ve created this guide.

Download our seven secrets of success to discover:

  • Our top tactics for approaching financial wellbeing in the workplace
  • How to create a financial wellbeing programme which makes a difference
  • Expert tips for implementing a financial wellbeing scheme
  • Real-life best practice examples from the Aon team
  • Actionable tips on strategy and engagement
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook financial wellbeing
  • How the cost of a single cup of coffee could potentially make a difference to your employees’ pensions
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Prevention is better than cure
Prevention is better than cure: Are employers up for the challenge to change behaviours in the workplace? May 2019


Our whitepaper explores how mobile health (mHealth) can utilise data-driven intervention and technology to help to transform employee wellbeing. The paper explores four key areas:

  • Prevention measures
  • The role of the employer
  • Meeting employee needs
  • Using mHealth to engage and promote better wellbeing
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Client Survey Report: Life Assurance Cover
Client Survey Report: Life Assurance Cover April 2019


This survey looks at how Aon clients are mitigating the impact of pension protections, the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) and the OpRA tax changes on life assurance cover options. With data from over 1,000 clients, this report provides insight into how companies are responding to the yearly change in Lifetime Allowance and 2017 OpRA tax changes.

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HR in Law & Aon Employee Benefits Survey 2019
HR in Law & Aon Employee Benefits Survey 2019 February 2019


Read the 2019 HR in Law & Aon Employee Benefits survey report – our comprehensive study on the benefits offered in the legal sector and trends in key benefit provisions.

Ten years on from the launch of the first report, these biennial reports continue to highlight the evolving benefit trends and engagement approaches within the legal sector, and this year is no different.

This year’s survey draws upon the responses from 96 participant law firms across Silver Circle, Legal 100, Regional, National, US and Global firms, providing unique benchmarking information and insights to help you measure the competitiveness of your benefits package to both professional and support staff.

Download the survey report here »
Aon 2019 Benefits and Trends Survey
Aon 2019 Benefits and Trends Survey January 2019


Our Benefits and Trends Survey is now in its ninth year and we again draw on the responses of more than 200 participants across a broad range of sectors, representing employers with fewer than one hundred employees to those with many thousands. This year we have introduced a number of new questions in line with emerging trends such as changing workforce demographics, the differing needs and expectations of generations and changing policies for the various forms of parental leave and pay.

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Aon interview in the Business Reporter Wellbeing Campaign
Aon interview in the Business Reporter Wellbeing Campaign October 2018


You may have spotted on the Aon social channels that Aon has participated in the Business Reporter’s 2018 Well Being Campaign, hosted and filmed for the Telegraph online in conjunction with the CIPD, MIND/Heads Together, and Time-To-Change.

The campaign aims to address the full spectrum of wellbeing challenges facing HR professionals, business owners and society as a whole. The articles and videos focus directly on the business case behind these issues to enable decision makers to gain a greater insight into the best strategies and solutions available.

Mark Witte, Charles Alberts, and Sarah Robson were interviewed on the impact of poor mental health on businesses and how employers can build an effective strategy for benefits provision and communication to support employees with their mental health.

We look at some of the contemporary and taboo topics driving mental health issues for today’s workforce, and what employers can do.

Read the article and watch the interview here »
The contemporary drivers of mental health
The contemporary drivers of mental health October 2018


Mental health is a significant issue for businesses. It can increase presenteeism and absence, negatively impact productivity, morale and engagement, and it costs UK employers up to £42 billion a year. There is a huge opportunity for employers and businesses to be part of the solution in understanding and addressing mental health concerns.

We look at some of the contemporary and taboo topics driving mental health issues for today’s workforce, and what employers can do.

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Managing Employee Stress: A Top Ten
Benefits in the Digital Age - 5 Secrets of Success July 2018


The world of work has been transformed over the last decade. The rise of technology, the internet and the super-computers that virtually all of us carry in our pockets have revolutionised our interactions with one another, the dynamic between employer and employee, and the way that we seize opportunities. We’ve identified the top five challenges businesses face, spanning industries, and have devised our five secrets to success in tackling those challenges head on in the digital age.

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Wellbeing for Multinationals Report
The Benefits Score paper February 2018


For as long as employers have offered benefits, there have been ways to see how their packages stack up against their peers. But these tools don’t really give an employer insight into how well its benefits offerings are performing. No two businesses have the same employees, objectives or strategy, and that means they’ll need – and want – different things from their benefits. In this paper, we’ll explore the changing benefits landscape in the UK and how The Benefits Score helps businesses answer the challenges these shifts in the industry create.


Download the paper here »
Employee Benefits & Trends survey 2018
Employee Benefits and Trends Survey 2018 January 2018


Now in its eighth year, the survey results show an evolving approach to benefits programmes, as organisations balance cost considerations and a changing regulatory environment with the need to increase employee engagement and retention. In this report, we guide you through the key findings of the survey and offer expert analysis of what the results mean for the industry as a whole, and for your own benefits strategy including why employees should be treated as people, not demographic segments and where benefits communications should take a leaf out of the consumer marketing playbook.


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UK health survey september 2017
UK Health Survey November 2017


Our 2017 UK Health Survey looked at the importance of Health & Wellbeing to the modern employer. Conducted by over 200 UK firms, the feedback provided on current strategy and trends make for some fascinating reading and insightful analysis. Key themes here being escalating healthcare costs, a continued shift away from the State for the health & welfare burden, increased choice for pathways to access care, increased awareness of the impact of underlying poor health behaviours and an increasingly diverse, multigenerational workforce to engage with.


Download the Survey Report now »


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